The 10 most relaxing music in the world

The 10 most relaxing music in the world

What music to listen to relax? The answer here!

To gain confidence in everyday life, nothing likes a little music. But not just any! In this article, we propose to discover the most conducive to relaxation music.

Choose music designed for relaxation

If you do not have time to look one by one on the tracks that could help you relax, know that there are so-called relaxation music compilations. Often based on classical music, relaxation music can also include the sounds of nature. Many record companies offer relaxing music compilations. By car or during pregnancy: at every moment, its relaxation music! If you like new technologies, you can also turn to relaxation playlists available on the online listening platform. With these compilations, you enjoy several minutes or several hours of soft music to regain your composure.

Singing to music to relax

The song is also a great way to relax. To relax, you can thus distribute songs you know by heart and can sing without falter: of course, avoid too catchy songs, the melodies rather prefer calm. Do you tend to forget the words of your favorite songs? Why not invest in a karaoke DVD? Reading the lyrics that appear on your screen, you can give voice more easily! Studies show the link between sound modulations and our metabolic system, especially as the song allows better control your breath. A true music therapy!

Music: the most relaxing songs

Some music tracks appear to be more relaxing than others. This is particularly the case of the title Weightless, Marconi Union trio. This music has indeed been named the most relaxing music in the world according to a 2011 study by British scientists. This study has defined a list of songs particularly conducive to relaxation. These titles include e.g. Strawberry Swing Coldplay, Adele Someone like you or Canzonetta Sull’aria Mozart. Of course, depending on your musical tastes, other pieces may also cause you to be relaxed. If you like American rap, a title like Marijuana Kid Cudi should please you. Are you more attracted to the French song? The Dominique A signed songs were ideal for relaxing with music!

What do you do when you are stressed? You take out the air, or you lie quietly and put a music soft able to relax? If you usually go for the second option, we have something for you. There are some days, the British trio the Marconi Union has released a new album of five songs, and it could be useful. The group name means nothing to you? It is at the origin of the “most relaxing music of the world.”

Its name: Weightless. Over a period of 8 minutes, it was designed in collaboration with the British Academy of Sound Therapy and virtues have been scientifically proven. In 2011, British scientists from the Mind Lab Institution had indeed submitted music to a little experiment.

11% more relaxing

They recruited 40 women to whom they passed a series of relaxing music some more than others. Connected to sensors, the participants were all listening to the music, solving a puzzle in record time. Each music, heart rate, blood pressure, brain activity and breathing women were scrupulously followed. The scientists then obtained significant results. All considered relaxing music helped to lower the heart rate and blood pressure, a sign of stress reduction. But Weightless was the most effective in the field: it proved 11% more relaxing, reducing stress by 65%.

Here are the ten most relaxing pieces scientifically approved.

10 – Cafe Del Mar – We Can Fly

9 – Mozart – Canzonetta Sull’aria

8 – Adele – Someone like you

7 – All Saints – Pure Shores

6 – Barcelona – Please do not go

5 – Coldplay – Strawberry Swing

4 – Enya – Watermark

3 – DJ Shah – Mellomaniac (Chill Out Mix)

2 – Airstream – Electra

1 – Marconi Union – Weightless

How to listen to music with earphone without going deaf?

How to listen to music with earphone without going deaf?

Digital music players can cause hearing damage. What? Digital music players can cause … Pardon? MP3 MAKE DEAF!!!

What are the risk behaviors?

The important thing, according to Professor Christian Giles, president of JNA is not to listen to music too long, not to listen without interrupting, and especially not to listen too hard.

What is “too strong?” Wonder the young. The regulation imposes a limit on MP3 manufacturers: the maximum cannot exceed 100 decibels.

“However, listen to music at that level for more than 15 to 30 minutes without interruption has high risk. The level of noise to listen causing no risk is 80 decibels, “he said.

According to the professor, the regulation “may be perverse,” because “people think that as a binding law exists, there is no danger.” But “this is wrong,” he insists.

Why are digital players an important risk factor?

First, “this type of device allows full availability, explains the president of the association. It is handy and absolutely no discomfort entourage. ”

Moreover, the specific hazard to MP3 does not come from itself, which has the distinction of being compressed, but the fact that these devices allow a longer uninterrupted listening. With analog players, the constraint of the tape change encourages stopping listening or at least a pause, experts say.

What are the risks?

“Hearing loss caused by MP3, when adopting the risky behavior, is insidious and progressive,” alert the teacher. But the damage can be devastating since hearing loss up to 30 decibels.

And the numbers are no calls. According to a survey conducted by the JNA, the average daily listening to digital music player for youth 12 to 25 years than 1:30, including 1 hour continuously. 10 million young people are exposed to a total or partial hearing loss, says a recent EU report.


Consumption of anti-noise

The internal components of headphones or earphones for active noise reduction consume a lot of energy and it is thus necessary to use batteries or batteries to use the feature. Some headphones allow you to use the battery directly to the device on which they are connected to power components, but it will have the effect of drawing much faster the battery of your Smartphone for example. Note also that in some manufacturers, if your battery is empty noise reduction, it is not possible at all to use the headset!

Audio quality and noise reduction

Unfortunately, there are some trade-offs regarding audio performance when using an active noise reducer. Some people can be very sensitive to this kind of change and complain about some undesired effects as sound a little metallic or souffle men ts light. Indeed, the process directly alters the sound returned by the headphones and can disturb most audiophiles. Be aware that the technology continue to grow and we now find headphones or earphones combine wonderfully high-performance sound and insulation.

The active reduction does not block all the sounds

If you are looking for the complete silence, a headphone with active noise reduction does not allow completing this application fully. If most of the sounds are blocked or filtered, some still arrive at your ears. We are talking about very strong or very treble-off noises coming out of frequencies to reduce working. In most cases, the functionality is very effective and is perfect for the idea of silence for most consumers.

Listening comfort

In some people, this type of headset can be inconvenient and not suitable for prolonged listening. Indeed, it is possible that you feel a sensation of pressure because of the active reduction and in some cases an adjustment period is necessary.

Often the active reduction is associated with a passive reduction carried out by the pads for headphones, or earphones for in-ear. In the case of a headset, the pressure thereof on the crane can cause a headache because of the pressure exerted.


3 tips to listen to music without damaging your ears

3 tips to listen to music without damaging your ears

An Ipsos survey highlights that 78% of 15-45 years have experienced hearing problems after strong sound exposure. Problems that are not necessarily temporary, but that can be avoided.

It’s obvious: excessive exposure to loud sounds causes hearing problems. You are 98% to be aware, reveals an Ipsos survey conducted for the association. Yet, 78% of 15-45 years have experienced hearing problems such as tinnitus or hearing loss, following a strong sound exposure.

“It’s a real cultural problem, comments from MetroNews Dr. Jean-Michel Klein, president of the National Union of Medical Specialists ENT (SNORL). They are aware of the risk, but it does not stop them from taking it. It is like to drive at full speed by car knowing that we can kill someone or stay in the sun despite the increased risk of skin cancer. ”

To help them adopt good behaviors prevention, we must move away from a “message castrating and moralizing,” says ENT, because “the normal use of the ear does not mean premature aging.” The proof: “Deafness is not an occupational disease among switchboard.” Those are the excesses that cause tinnitus, ear fatigue or loss of hearing. Here is how to recognize and avoid them.

Prefer headphones to speakers

Everything is pressing the issue, says Dr. Klein, “The sound is a sound pressure whose support is air sound of 100 dB in an office of four cubic meters will put pressure on the whole. The work piece with a helmet, it will be exerted on a cubic centimeter. However, the vibration generated by the sound kills cells of the inner ear and breaks the eyelashes, important element of the auditory decoding. “The problem is that this damage is irreversible.”

The President of SNORL suggests, in equal volumes, to replace the headset with closed headphones. He exercises indeed a more consistent sound pressure on the ear drum as small earphones that feature an outwardly opening for reducing the pressure: “In transport, it seems that people with headphones in his ears put him thoroughly, but this is because a third of its competence by this hole. ”

Turn down the volume

This does not make you put the sound louder. Already in 2008, the National Prevention and Health Education Institute (INPES) recalled that “the ear can be damaged long before it does not feel any pain.” Indeed, if the threshold of pain is 120 decibels (dB), the danger threshold is 85 dB. Or the maximum volume of players is flanged to 100 dB, the equivalent noise of a jackhammer.

So you can enjoy the music by adjusting the volume of the music player which is below the maximum volume (three-quarters, to go under the danger threshold, or even half, as recommended by the INPES), and without trying to cover the noise from the outside. Jean-Louis Horvilleur, audio-technician who participated in the Ipsos survey, suggests you “should listen at the defined volume in transport, and to listen to the same volume in your room” you will thus account sound level that you impose on your eardrums.

Emphasize low compression pieces

A Little trick to prevent you from listening to loud music, practice appreciated by 89% of 15-30 years: prefer HD pieces. This time, it is a matter of compression. “A compressed sound, this means removing the modulation of sound, to make it lose its relief. To find a pleasant feeling, when your ear is accustomed, you will unconsciously want to increase the volume.” No wonder that 30% of those who love loud music listen to declare for the sound quality. To avoid your ear is damaged, listen to the good sound.



Safety tips in the kitchen

Safety tips in the kitchen

Kitchen safety

Kitchen: 15.4% of accidents

15.4% of domestic accidents involving children occur in the kitchen. Simple steps and adapted equipment, allow you to avoid them.

Here are some simple steps to take:

  • When cooking, turn pot handles inward; that is to say towards the wall where the stove is leaning. This way, your child will not risk dropping the pan on it and scalding.
  • Keep children away from the oven when it is on. Thus, they do not get burned by touching the wall

There are furnaces whose wall is tempered, which means it does not heat (about 500 €).

  • Store systematically all knives, forks, and other sharp utensils.
  • Do not leave lighters and matches in the reach of your child.

Fire danger

Preferably use the bottom of the plates; you can even consider anti-tilt protection.

Check if the firing orders are difficult to operate, including a gas stove.

  • If any of your food catches fire, cover it with a humidified cloth

Get in direct contact with professionals to obtain a personalized quote.

The fire blanket


The fire blanket is the best way to fight a kitchen fire. It allows you to extinguish a fire starting, but also cover a person whose clothes are on fire.

A fire blanket is disposable and must be accessible very quickly.

Have a fire extinguisher in the kitchen?

No law forces you to have a fire extinguisher in your home, but ask yourself the question, however. And a board, review your insurance policy because the presence of a fire extinguisher is sometimes specified and then, in this case, if you do not ­bend it, you’re simply not assured in case of fire!

However, one should avoid using a fire extinguisher to put out the burning oil. Indeed, the pressure may disperse the oil and spread the fire. Against the burning oil, we must smother the fire: the best is the fire blanket.

What type of fire extinguisher to choose?

The main risk of fire in a kitchen is fryer or pan that ignites. The appropriate type of fire extinguisher CO 2 extinguisher (dry ice). The carbon dioxide out of the extinguisher has a very negative temperature (- 78 ° C, beware of burns to the exit!)

A small size may suffice in your kitchen, less bulky and easier to transport.

Warning: do not forget that the annual audit of extinguishers is mandatory and must be performed by a competent and qualified company.

Electrical Safety in the kitchen

Regularly check the electrical connections of the devices.

Observe the standards for the use of electricity and gas safety; they depend on the size of the kitchen, the type of equipment and energy used.

Never place an appliance plugged near a waterhole.

The danger of cleaning products

Place all cleaning products out of reach of children. Do not store hazardous products in colorful bottles that might attract your children, bottles with safety caps are far preferable!

Teach your children how to identify the danger recognizing existing pictograms on these products (orange square, flame, skull …).

Council: Keep prominently in the house the list of emergency numbers (poison control, police, doctors), they can save you valuable time in case of an accident!

Essential safety equipment in the kitchen

For a total cost of approximately € 160, optimize the safety of your kitchen:

  • If your oven does not have tempered wall, equip it with a protective grid (approximately 30 €).
  • Also, remember to secure your closets and drawers with drawer locks, about 5 € each.
  • Install a mixer tap:

Regulate the water temperature, reducing the risk of burns.

This equipment is convenient, but relatively expensive: around 80 € and 100 € for a good quality product.

  • A fire extinguisher can also be a valuable tool in case of fire, from € 20.
  • In the same vein, always have fire blankets available, about 15 €. It allows you:

Smother the fire starts;

Cover people whose clothes catch fire.

Safety in the kitchen cannot be overlooked!


All about ceiling fan and lighting

All about ceiling fan and lighting

In addition to its function of lighting, the ceiling fan has a more specific role: it cools the air on hot summer days.

Its blades, the number of 2, 3, 4 or 5, stir the air; its velocity is often variable.

The ceiling fan keeps a central position in the room since it gives its fan function even greater efficiency.

Technical points of a ceiling fan

The ceiling fan keeps a central position in the room, which gives its ventilation function even greater efficiency.

Diameter of the blades It depends on the size of the room:

about 80 cm for a room until 9/10 m 2 ,

between 100/115 cm for a piece of 9-20 m 2 ,

Between 120/130 cm beyond.

Number of blades It does not define the efficacy but the aesthetics of the system.
The inclination of the blades Greater it is more the fan is efficient (up to 18 ° for the best).
Ceiling Height Choose a ceiling fan with a longer rod adapted to the height of your ceiling to avoid hitting it.
Ceiling fan trigger Three possible triggers:

wired switch,

Manual zipper,

IR remote.

The number of gears is linked to the performance of the fan.

Winter function The reversible fashion to change the direction of rotation of the blades:

summer it traces the hot air,

Winter, conversely, it brings down the hot air.

If you want your ceiling fan meet your expectations, here are several points to consider:

Ceiling fan: different styles

Colonial or exotic type, design or more rustic, you will find no difficulty to match the ceiling fan to your home.

For ventilation function, the blades can be:

  • wood,
  • plastic,
  • ..

For lighting, ceiling fan can be equipped with:

  • a tulip light,
  • globes,

Its direct lighting will be designed like a ceiling.

Simple maintenance for the ceiling fan

The two movements to be regularly made to maintain your ceiling:

  • Tighten the fasteners can relax with use: the ceiling and those blades.
  • Clean the fan blades from time to time with a cloth to increase its lifespan.

Price ceiling fan: from 35 € to 200 € more

These are indicative prices that are currently on the market for a ceiling fan:

  • Ceiling fan blades 3, three speed, and 100 cm diameter: from 35 €,
  • Ceiling 5 blades, diameter 130 cm, and reversible control infrared: from € 200.


Chandelier for lighting

What use to gloss?

The main purpose of the chandelier:

The lighting of the table: a chandelier above the table, with several lamps, remains the best way to light during meals:

Selected based on the size of the table, the chandelier will go down low because you are not likely to hit the bottom:

  • Nor too low for the guests are enlightened,
  • Neither too high for there is a real concentration of light.

The chandelier above an oval table may be elongated.

The ideal would be to include all guests, chairs, and table in the same halo of light.

In the living room:

The chandelier is much quieter, smaller because it coexists with another lighting.

Its function may be more accurate, a reading corner, above the stereo cabinet.

In the entrance:

A chandelier can be placed in a reception room, especially if the ceiling is high for input.

Adapt its size to the dimensions of your entry, starting with the height, so that big people are forced to turn around, pulling their coat…

In the stairwell: the luster is advantageously filled up a stairwell, it may even in this place to acquire some impressive dimensions, in this place, and then it will compete with anyone.

Chandelier: what type of light bulb?

There are many choices regarding power.

For sources: incandescent or halogen bulbs are the most recommended for the quality of their light, important for direct lighting.

When the luster is in the form of multiple lamps, often choose halogen bulbs, sometimes in very large numbers.

Now, LEDs fitted chandeliers recently at a voltage of 12V and even 220V